Statement of Compliance with the 2018 QCA Corporate Governance Code

As an AIM-listed Company, Flowtech Fluidpower plc adopts and complies with the corporate governance principles of the 2018 Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code (the “QCA Code”).

The QCA Code identifies ten principles to be followed as a guide to help companies deliver value for Shareholders over the medium and long term. This relies on efficient and effective management by the Board, accompanied by good communication which develops confidence and trust.

The latest version of the 2022 Annual Report (pages 41-43) includes detailed information to demonstrate compliance with each of the ten principles.

Additional information to support this commentary, specifically relating to our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Terms of Reference of Board Committees and how we maintain regular dialogue with Shareholders and other stakeholders can be found on the following pages of this website;



Last Reviewed: 26 April 2023