Flowtech Fluidpower seeks to create sustainable long-term value across all stakeholder groups and in doing so is committed to ensuring best practices are promoted and adopted to best effect for employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and the community. As an amalgamation of family businesses, we have been practicing the sensible values of CSR for many years, however we do have various processes and procedures in place which ensure high CSR standards are upheld and continually aim to assess and improve these standards.

Our People

Strong and supportive culture

Attracting, retaining and developing talent

Maintaining and promoting diversity


Healthy working environment

Commited productive workforce

Our Communities

Our businesses have been supporting their local communities for many years and the Board encourages them to continue this good work. This takes many forms, including supporting charitable events, recruitment of local apprentices, open day support for local schools, and educational events with local communities where Group members carry out projects to make the environment or services better. Of particular note in 2022 was the Group wide fundraising initiatives for the Pancreatic Cancer UK charity – this involved many of our people at various sites and resulted in effective team building exercises as well as raising a significant amount of money for an extremely worthwhile charitable cause.

Further information regards our most recent support initiatives can be found in our latest Annual Report.  

Flowtech AquaAid Pump

Our Water Coolers are from AquAid

Our Environment

The Group is mindful of the impact that its operations have on the environment and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, encouraging individual Profit Centres to introduce environmentally friendly practices available for their business.

Through sharing ideas and resources, every year we find new ways to reduce our impact on the environment such as conducting more and more meetings through video conferencing, thus reducing our carbon footprint across the Group.

Many of our businesses also proudly support industrial users who are increasingly implementing more stringent environmental practices and seeking hydraulic and pneumatic solutions to facilitate this.

Further information regarding these practices is detailed in our latest 2022 Annual Report.