Engaging our employees

Employee engagement is closely correlated to productivity. Highly engaged employees (those who feel positive and involved at work), are likely to be more passionate, hard-working, willing to learn and more supportive and inspiring towards customers.

As a service-led Group, we recognise the impact of employee engagement on customer satisfaction and we are keen to measure both, ensuring we pinpoint areas for improvement. 

The Engage programme

In July 2018, at one of our Operational Board Meetings, through one of our training partners, Thomas International, we introduced ‘Engage’. 

‘Engage’ is a survey which considers an employee’s role, relationships and rewards and asks them to assess how their company delivers on seven key drivers; togetherness, voice, challenge, freedom, clarity, recognition and growth. Each Director can assess engagement across their team and work towards improving their own culture.

Engage in action

Ian Simpson, MD of Indequip was one of the early adopters of this programme, and keen to understand the current morale of his team, considering this had been negatively affected post acquisition. The team has undergone considerable change, however a high engagement score of 86% was peace of mind for Ian to understand what he’s doing right and what he needs to do better to support his team. The Board has greater transparency over which management regimes are working well.

Ongoing programme

All surveys will be complete by July 2019 at which point we will have a Group Engagement score to be included in our annual KPIs. We will continue to use this programme on an annual basis, as a mechanism to support each Director and highlight any potential risks that the Board needs to be aware of.