Enabling vital health protection for quarry workers and local communities across the UK


High Pressure water solution to suppress dust in quarries.


Dust at quarry sites is a health hazard in terms of dust inhalation and dust pollution. Through blasting, crushing, screening, transportation and storage of quarry material, small particles can become airborne, posing a health risk to workers, local communities and the environment. One of the UK’s largest aggregate companies had a major issue with airborne dust and needed a solution to control the problem in a more effective way than its current methods.


Indequip approached the aggregate company to introduce the concept of dust suppression through misting, whereby tiny water particles are projected into the air, which trap the dust and bring it to the ground. Assessing the companies needs and requirements, Indequip developed a dust suppression system that would significantly reduce if not eradicate the issue of dust within their factory. 

The system enables water to be sprayed through a tiny orifice in the nozzle (0.15mm) at extremely high pressure, 70bar (1015 psi), creating the misting or fog needed to capture the dust particles and bring them to the ground, thus tackling the problem at its source. These nozzles are being used in mobile and stationary misting cannons which can project fog over areas from 50 to 450 feet away. 

Each nozzle can be adjusted according to the application, wind conditions and amount of moisture required, all of which can be controlled remotely through electronic controllers. The very nature of the Hydraulic pressure used, reduces the water consumption required in this process, thus providing a cost-effective, energy saving and environmentally friendly solution for dust control.

This was very much a trial system as they had never previously been involved with this kind of project. A successful installation led onto additional business and Indequip is now able to assist with dust suppression in many industries including demolition, mining, construction and waste management, providing solutions which mean OSHA standards.

A new supplier relationship

During the process, Indequip contacted Fogco, one of the largest misting machine manufacturers in the world, to introduce their system and the potential for a new collaborative partnership. To understand the technology more, MD Ian Simpson and Sales Manager, Stuart Simpson visited Fogco’s factory head-quarters in Phoenix, Arizona for commercial discussions and training. Since then Indequip has become involved with other misting projects in odour control and domestic cooling and in November 2018 was confirmed as Focgo’s UK distributor, with their full product range being included in the next Indequip catalogue, due out in 2020.

Why Indequip

Indequip is more than just a catalogue company. Their technical approach and expertise presented an attractive proposition for Focgo, who have the utmost confidence that their product range will be well represented and supported by Indequip as a new brand to the UK market.