Award winning e-commerce solution for customers introduced in 2018

Flowtechnology UK’s (FTUK) passion for service excellence, combined with the expertise of their digital marketing partner, e3creative resulted in the birth of a new highly flexible ecommerce solution for customers, which was launched at their distributor convention in March 2018. Additionally, FTUK and e3Creative received a joint award recognised by The Northern e-commerce Awards for leading the industry with an exceptional e-commerce solution.

FTUK aspired to innovate the industry and support positive business growth by enabling customers to trade more progressively. FTUK partnered with e3creative to design, architect and build a customisable web-based software to provide customers with the foundation for growth. The online storefront is customisable with numerous user-interaction components, known as modules, built-in. Companies can match their branding, add unlimited pages and tailor features, as well as personalise how information is displayed. In addition, the online presence provides a new way for brands to be found and communicate with consumers through enquiry forms, blog posts and FAQ sections. To handle large amounts of traffic through a growing number of retailers, e3creative architected a robust, hybrid cloud server solution, utilising the latest in cloud server technology to ensure the white label platform is as scalable and efficient as possible.

The white label website pushes boundaries in code and digital infrastructure with advanced uses of the latest technology to provide a solution that functions in an enterprising way, yet it is simple enough to use with a user-friendly content management system.