We acquire established, specialist businesses that extend our Group capability, however, we believe in maintaining their heritage, individuality and specialism. Ensuring consistency for their customers is important to us, so we simply improve these businesses through our Group central services.”

Bryce Brooks, CEO

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  • Established in 1983. Flowtechnology UK is a leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial products, through a wide network of distributors and resellers, across the UK and Ireland through catalogue and e-commerce sales. 98% of orders are despatched in full the same day, averaging 4,000 picks per day with less than 0.2% error rate. The Company strongly emphasises ease of transaction and added value for the customer. 

    Location: Skelmersdale, Lancashire (UK)

  • Established in 1983. Flowtechnology Benelux, then known as Allfitt was acquired in 2007. Distributor of mainly pneumatic products via Dutch catalogue and Dutch and English e-commerce platform. Average 550 picks per day. Group IT systems are a mirror of the UK. Route to market is through distribution, OEMs and end users.

    Location: Deventer (The Netherlands)

  • Established in 2003. Indequip is a trusted partner in supplying industrial and pneumatic equipment, through catalogues and e-commerce, to all channels including distribution, OEMs and end users. The business was acquired in February 2016 and shortly after, the warehouse assets and Indequip team moved from their former premises in Knowsley to the Skelmersdale site.

    Location: Skelmersdale, Lancashire (UK)

  • Beaumanor was founded in 1974 and is an importer and distributor of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, sold through catalogues and e-commerce to distributors in the UK and Ireland. Distributors sell to end user customers via a branded version of the Beaumanor catalogue and website or a generic catalogue. Beaumanor was acquired in March 2018, along with sister Company Derek Lane & Co as part of the Balu acquisition, creating a second logistics centre in Leicester.

    Location: Leicester (UK)

  • Derek Lane & Co (Derek Lane) was founded in 1979 and is a supplier of fluid power products and engineered solutions via its onsite Parker store. The Company supports OEMs and end users with onsite design, manufacture and testing of hydraulic pumps, cylinders, valves, power packs and servicing of air compressors and cylinders.

    Derek Lane was acquired in March 2018, along with sister Company Beaumanor as part of the Balu acquisition. 

    Location: Newton Abbot (UK)

  • Founded in 1988, Hydravalve supplies valves and actuators to distributors, OEMs and end users across the process sectors including paint production, paint spraying, mixing, foundry, food and beverage, industrial washing and hydraulic industries. They are the official distributors for a number of key industry brands. Acquired by the Group in March 2016. 

    Location: Willenhall, Midlands (UK)

  • Founded in 1968, Hydroflex Hydraulics (Hydroflex) is a key distributor of hydraulic components to OEMs and end users, predominantly to the ship-building sector, through its close proximity to Rotterdam, being one of the largest ports in Europe. Acquired by the Group in September 2017.

    Locations: Oud-Beijerland and Rotterdam (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium)

  • Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets are a specialist supplier of hydraulic components. HES partners with a number of premier brands in the market and is an official distributor for Danfoss, Parker and MP Filtri.

    Location: Gloucester (UK) with further trade counter branches in Gloucester, Birmingham, Durham, and Leeds.

  • Founded in 1965, Nelson is a hydraulic specialist delivering hydraulic parts, design and assembly of hydraulic systems and hose assemblies and kits to OEMs and end users. The Company is active in following industry sectors: mobile, on and off highway transportation, agriculture, marine and fishing, screening and crushing and general industrial. Acquired by the Group in July 2015.

    Locations: Lisburn and Dungannon (NI), Dublin (Eire)

  • Founded in 1997, Hi-Power is a key distributor of hydraulic components as well as bespoke system installation for the mobile and transport sector. Acquired by the Group in June 2017.

    Locations: Belfast (NI), Dublin and Cork (Eire)

  • Founded in 1968, Primary Fluid Power is a hydraulic specialist delivering hydraulic parts, design and assembly of hydraulic systems and purifiers to OEMs and end users. Strong technical knowledge with a long-standing reputation for quality and service. Active in the mobile, oil and gas, environmental, industrial and life science sectors. Acquired by the Group in August 2014.

    Locations: Knowlsley, Merseyside (UK)

  • Founded in 2007, HTL is a key distributor of hydraulic equipment and components, providing fluid power solutions for the mobile sector.  Acquired by the Group in March 2016. 

    Locations: Ludlow, Shropshire (UK)

  • Tractec is a technical specialist supplier of hydraulic components for agriculture, construction off-highway vehicles and waste management vehicles.

    Location: Gloucester (UK)

  • Founded in 2008, TSL is a specialist designer and distributor of several ranges of hydraulic cylinders and semi-rotary actuators. Active in the civil engineering, railways, nuclear and marine industries. Acquired by the Group in July 2016.

    Locations: Knowsley, Merseyside (UK)

  • Founded in 1994, Orange County UK is an exclusive UK supplier of high-quality monitored pipework and associated products for the storage and movement of fuels, liquids and gases. The Company is active in a wide variety of sectors including construction utilities and infrastructure. Acquired by the Group in July 2017.

    Location: Spennymoor, Durham (UK)

  • Experts in the specification and installation of lubrication systems for industrial, on-road and off-road vehicles.  Nationwide service, via local engineers.  Lubemec are official distributor for SKF.

    Location: Head office in Gloucester with local engineers covering the UK and Ireland. 

  • Branch Hydraulic Systems is an engineering business with over 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke power units for industry. Branch partner with some of the world’s leading hydraulic innovators, including Bosch Rexroth.  The team within Branch provide sophisticated, highly accurate hydraulic and electric control systems that includes design, build and commissioning, providing customers a full turnkey solutions from single source.

    Location: Gloucester (UK)

  • Flowconnect based at our Gloucester site is a newly formed enterprise and the first Parker CPS piping partner in the UK. The Complete Piping Solution (CPS) technology enables the manufacture of large pipework for jobs requiring fluid transfer around factories.